Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 22- 24 July 2017

“Turning Points in Fish and Fisheries”

We invite you to join us in the beautiful coastal town of Albany in Western Australia for the 2017 ASFB Annual Conference. Situated on the edge of Princess Royal Harbour, walking distance from the historic town centre and numerous accommodation options, the Albany Entertainment Centre is a spectacular venue to host what will be the first stand-alone ASFB conference since 2011. This has provided the organising committee with an opportunity to develop an exciting conference program that will be a little bit ‘out of the ordinary’. We are working towards making this event one that delegates will remember for years to come!

The conference will offer three days of high quality presentations, discussions and networking opportunities for students and scientists at different stages of their careers. With the overarching theme of ‘Turning Points in Fish and Fisheries’, we hope to get everyone thinking about all those influential moments or developments, small and big, that have changed the way we go about our research. The first day of the conference will showcase the many talented student members of ASFB through the popular Rapid Talks and will also include a ‘Nurturing Fish Scientists’ session where we encourage delegates to share experiences and perspectives that have helped shape their different career pathways. Make sure you check out the other special sessions (under the Program tab), which cover a wide range of hot topics including changes to marine habitats, drivers of migration, and new developments in the field of fisheries social science.

We have tried to keep the cost of registration as low as possible, similar to the Hobart conference, but will include this year’s end-of-conference ‘bash’ in the price to make sure that more delegates are able to be there. Although we recognise that getting to Albany might be seen as an inconvenience to inter-state visitors, the organising committee will be offering a range of transport options to get you between Perth and Albany. We encourage delegates to take time to explore this amazing corner of Australia, a region that you may not otherwise have an opportunity to visit.

We look forward to seeing you in Albany!

2017 Conference Organising Committee

Gary Jackson (Department of Fisheries WA – ASFB Conference Chair)
Chris Fulton (Australian National University – ASFB President)
Brendan Ebner (CSIRO – ASFB Workshop & Conference Coordinator)
Martial Depczynski (AIMS)
Kathy Cure (AIMS)
Mat Vanderklift (CSIRO)
Steve Beatty (Murdoch University)
Peter Coulson (Murdoch University)
Adrian Gleiss (Murdoch University)
Chris Hallett (Murdoch University)
Emily Fisher (Department of Fisheries WA)
Thomas Holmes (Department of Parks & Wildlife)
Shaun Wilson (Department of Parks & Wildlife)
Paul Close (University of Western Australia)
Thomas Wernberg (University of Western Australia)
Dianne McLean (University of Western Australia)
Glenn Moore (WA Museum)
Stacy Bierwagen (James Cook University – ASFB Student Rep)
Lachlan Fetterplace (University of Wollongong – ASFB Student Rep)
Garry Ogston (Murdoch University – Local Student Rep)
Federico Vitelli (Edith Cowan University)


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