Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2019October 14 - 17, 2019 Canberra, ACT

Graphical Abstracts

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  1. Cindy Bessey, CSIRO - Methods for maximising tropical fish alpha diversity measurements using eDNA metabarcoding abs# 150
  2. Charlotte Birkmanis*, University of Western Australia - Shark conservation hindered by lack of habitat protection abs# 87
  3. Timothy Brown, Arthur Rylah Institute: Applied Aquatic Ecology - Testing the adaptive advantage of a threatened species over an invasive species using a stochastic population model, abs# 165
  4. Yi-Yang Chen*, Australian National University - Sargassum epifaunal communities vary with reef fish biomass and seascape setting within a fringing coral reef ecosystem, abs# 206
  5. Chris Fulton, The Australian National University - Future tropical reefs: what can we expect for fish & fisheries?, abs# 118
  6. Tristan Guillemin*, Macquarie University - Using parasites to solve the enigmatic movements and population structure of marlin. (#213)
  7. Kylie Hall, Victorian Fisheries Authority - The rise and fall of the Hazelwood pondage barra fishery.How the changing fate of coal-fired power generation affects tropical fish in a temperate environment, abs# 215
  8. Holger Janes - Stable isotopes infer the value of Australia's coastal vegetated ecosystems from fisheries abs# 114
  9. Julia Landford, NatureArt Lab - NatureArt Lab - Engaging People with Nature Through Art and Science , abs# 178
  10. Emily Lester*, University of Western Australia - Predation risk influences the behaviour of mesopredatory reef fish over large spatial scales , abs# 55
  11. Mark McGrouther, Australian Museum - Australasian Fishes might be your new online research tool , abs# 50
  12. Mark McGrouther, Australian Museum - Driftwood fishes , abs# 160
  13. Michalis Mihalitsis*, James Cook University - Piscivory on coral reefs: An ecomorphological perspective , abs# 53
  14. Taylor Patterson*James Cook University - Moray eels biodiversity behavior conservation status and ecological roles on coral reefs (#117)
  15. Robert Perryman*Macquarie University - Investigating social interaction dynamics in reef manta rays (#101)
  16. Genevieve Phillips, Fisheries Queensland - Prioritising clean accessible data as a means to improving fisheries management , abs# 24
  17. Tom Rayner, Griffith University - Pathways to impact: saving fish by saving yourself, abs# 5
  18. Koster Sarakinis*, The University of AdelaideAnalysing population structure and connectivity through otolith chemistry of stout whiting, sillago robusta (#78)
  19. Kylie Scales, University of the Sunshine Coast - Understanding oceanographic and environmental factors impacting the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery (#142)
  20. Hayden Schilling*UNSW Australia - The influence of onshore winds on estuarine fisheries production (#74)
  21. Ben Stobart, South Australian Research and Development Institute - Fishing smart: using biological and economic information to direct abalone harvest strategies , abs# 143
  22. Malte WillmesUC Davis - Conservation implications of otolith geochemical discoveries for California's imperiled migratory fishes, abs# 204
  23. Nina Wootton*, The University of Adelaide - Microplastics in seafood - a comparison between Australia and Fiji (#175)

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