The 2017 ASFB conference program delivered three days of captivating presentations and discussions on a wide range of fish-related topics, showcasing research undertaken in both freshwater and marine environments.

Summaries of some of the highlights are presented below, with the full conference program below.

Focus Session: Nurturing Fish Scientists

After the success of the “Women in Ichthyology’ forum on the first day of the 2016 Hobart conference, we will be kicking off the Albany conference by turning our focus to the many student members of ASFB. The “Nurturing Fish Scientists’ session will take us all on a journey from the post-graduate (larval) phase to fully-recruited fish scientists, discussing the experiences and skills that may help you successfully land a job in this competitive field. The first day of the conference will also include the popular Rapid Talks, which gives students an opportunity to take to the stage for three minutes to spruik their research to the whole audience.  

Marine and Freshwater Day

In 2017 we are also experimenting with a few new things in the conference program. After a few years of working hard to get both marine and freshwater contributions in as many sessions as possible, we are going to mix it up, or rather un-mix it for a day. On one of the days of the Albany conference we are going to have two concurrent sessions, with one being specifically for marine habitat based topics and the other for freshwater related issues.

There will also still be a number of other special sessions during the conference that champion the mixing of freshwater and marine themes. 

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Marine Barred grunter and Archer

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